Hunt Avenue Service Center


The Hunt Avenue Service Center began in 1954. The business was operated by Allen Weikert with Herbert Wolf as President and Fredrick Spalding as Vice-President. All of them were active in the business. The Service Center opened selling a Nash line of cars and they were listed as the New Nash Dealer of Adams County. The garage advertised sales and service for the Nash Rambler “Cross Country” Station Wagon.

The Blue and Gray Cab company purchased three Ramblers taxicabs. The Cabs fleet was indicating a trend toward the smaller car. The maker has adopted the name of Rambler, placing the emphasis on the smaller car. Although selling cars to Cab companies the firms’ main sales was to individuals. As the business grew, they place an ad in the Times. Wanted: Service station attendant. Aggressive, Neat, Polite. Good opportunity for the right man. After being called Hunt Avenue Service center from 1954-1978, the facility changed its name to Grumbine Jeep -Eagle in 1973.

Paul Grumbine thinks the Jeep-Eagle had a very exciting model, the Eagle Talon. The Talon is a sport coupe with exhilarating appeal and performance in a sports car. It is considered a serious contender in the sports coupe market for its mileage, pep and handling. All the cars have the Chrysler’s 7/70 warranty.

Talon is the third model that Chrysler has produced for its Eagle Division when it purchased the Jeep Motor Company and started manufacturing the Eagle Premier in 1988. Tom Keffer worked there from 1973-1988 and Wayne Shoemaker worked there from 1965-1988.

Then Keefer began Keefer Sales and Service in 1988. Wayne joined Tom at Keefer Sales and Service and they worked together for many years. The facility was purchased by the Grumbines in 1978, and the dealership was called Grumbines AMC/Jeep and then later on GMC/ Jeep/ Renault.

During an “All-American giveaway” sales promotion, Gumbine ranked in the top 25 % of dealers in sales performance. He was recognized for this achievement by Joseph Massaro, District Manager for American Motors Sales Corporation. In 1980, Grumbines had on display Elvis Presley’s personal car and truck and 3 of his guitars. Everyone was welcome to come to see the items. Paul Grumbine, served as chairman, along with George Heim as co-chair, of the Warner Hospital Auxiliary Community Fair. Grumbine’s gifted a Jeep to promoted the project to purchase therapy equipment for the Warner Hospital. With the Gettysburg Jaycees he presented a check of $540 to James Bangerd Hospital administrator. Grumbines advertised the new 1985 Sporty Encore for only $6,677 at 8.5% financing for 36 months. This model had a 5 year /50,00 mile warranty. The business continued until May 14, 1988 when the property was sold to the Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation.

Elsie Morey is chairperson of Cumberland Township Historical Society.