Barlow and Gen. Eisenhower (9/17)


The Barlow Fire Company is located at the intersection of Taneytown and Barlow Greenmount roads in Cumberland Township. It was established in 1931, as a volunteer fire company to save lives and protect property in the community. In 1939, the Barlow Fire Hall was constructed to serve as a community center. To this day, the fire hall continues to be a polling place for the second district of Cumberland Township.

Gen. and Mamie Eisenhower bought their home and farm near Gettysburg in 1950. During his presidency, the home served as a weekend retreat and meeting place. In 1955, President Eisenhower was made an honorary member of the Barlow Fire Company. After serving as the 34th President of the United States, President Eisenhower and Mamie retired to their farm. Their voting place was the Barlow Fire House, where many of us vote now.

The Cumberland Township Historical Society, working with the Barlow Fire Company has created a bronze plaque to commemorate this history. It will be placed at the Barlow Fire house in the near future. Planning is now under way for a ceremony to present the plaque to the community.

Doug Cooke is on the board directors of the Cumberland Township Historical Society and is chair of the CTHS Preservation Committee.