Calling All Volunteers (12/16)

BY RUBY WARREN / December 2016

Perhaps you didn’t realize Cumberland Township formed a historical society six years ago, August 2010. We are still in our infancy but growing in membership yearly. The society is a registered nonprofit organization (501(c) 3), which is committed to fostering the identification and preservation of the township heritage and promoting public awareness and appreciation of this legacy.

Cumberland Township was formed in 1749, 267 years ago and is rich in history. Most significantly the Battle of Gettysburg happened in the majority of the township. Many of the farming families, Bliss, Harmon and Sherfy, lost their barns, homes and or farm buildings. Many of the residents suffered crop damage, battle damage and theft. The society’s Preservation Committee is identifying these properties and recording their histories.

The township has changed over the years being a tourist attraction and a haven for recent retirees but the township has always had a strong agricultural identity. The township boosts of having not only a Century Farm but a Bicentennial Farm.

The purpose of the historical society is to promote interest in the history and heritage of the township and we would like to encourage interested people to join us. If you have time to spare and would be interested in volunteering to serve on a committee or present a program of historical significance you would be helping us to preserve our rich history. Maybe you are lucky enough to live or own a property in the township that is rich in history and would like to share it with the community for one of our walking tours which we hold each year.

Some of the ways you could help us would be to serve on a committee, such as the Program Committee which plans four public meetings held at the Brethren Church and two walking tours at historical locations in Cumberland Township each year.

The Membership Committee keeps an up-to-date roster of members and issues membership cards collecting dues for membership.

If you are a writer you could serve on the Publicity Committee, writing articles for the Gettysburg Times, the newsletter and the web site.

The mission of the Preservation Committee is to preserve and identify unprotected and historically significant sites, buildings and farms justifying their historical significance. We need to identify any threats to their preservation and advocate for their protection when warranted.

We would be pleased if you just want to come out and attend one of our public meetings to learn more about the Cumberland Township Historical Society. To view our schedule of events, please visit

Ruby Warren is a board of directors member of the Cumberland Township Historical Society.