Cumberland Township Historical Society 2018: What Has CTHS Accomplished? (12/18)


The Cumberland Township Historical Society (CTHS) began in August 2010 and formed with five members during a meeting at the Adams County Historical Society in Schmucker Hall, then Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary, which is now the United Lutheran Seminary. The five founding board members were Judy Metheny, Tom Clowney, Al Ferranto, John Horner and Speros Marinos. The board decided in late 2011 to register the society as a nonprofit. Articles of incorporation were developed and published in the Gettysburg Times and the Adams County Legal Journal, as required.

Bylaws were an ongoing process to make sure all documentation followed 501© 3 regulations. Application was also made for the Pa. Dept. of Revenue Sales Tax Exemption as was required for the 501© 3 qualifications. The CTHS is grateful to Judy Metheny and Attorney Guillermo Bosch for all the assistance in preparing these documents. A board book was written in 2016. The book contains the by-laws and all the committees with a synopsis of the responsibilities of each.

The society presents four programs a year March, June, September and December, with two site visits somewhere in the township. With each succeeding year the programs have been diverse in topics to highlight some aspect of the township’s history. The meetings are held at the Church of the Brethren, 1710 Biglerville Road, Gettysburg.

The society has established several committees which assist in so many ways. Jennifer Florer and Cindy Fox serve on the Publicity Committee. Jen did all the work, editing and contributing to the society’s newsletter, the Courier. The Courier position is open as Jen has so many obligations now she recently needed to resign. So, if you have computer skills and love history, please let us know and join us. The Courier is the society’s quarterly newsletter. Cindy maintains the website. Membership Committee is handled by Lisa Burt; Finance Committee by Linda Seamen; the Preservation Committee by Doug Cooke; and the Government Committee by Speros Marinos. We thank all the members of these committees and we of course would like others to join the society in these endeavors, join us on these committees as we love history and are proud of our township as we like to share that history with new friends and members of the community.

A few accomplishments of the Cumberland Township Historical Society are identification signs on the state roads which point out one is in Cumberland Township. With a lot of work completed in 2017, the society‘s Founding Member Tom Clowney worked to erect a sign at the original location of the Barlow Creamery. Doug Cooke did a tremendous job to have a sign made to honor the polling place of President and Mrs. Eisenhower, which is located at the Barlow Fire Hall.

In 2018, Elsie Morey and Tom Clowney assisted the Adams County Soil Conservation District to mount a sign about the Almshouse as the Agricultural Resource Center is located on that former site.

The society is still a new group and we would enjoy having you join us to help us grow and become even a better Cumberland Township Historical Society. Morey is chair of the board of directors of the Cumberland Township Historical Society.

Elsie Morey is a member of the Cumberland Township Historical Society.