Twin Kiss Ice Cream Was a Treat (9/19)


The Grand Opening of “Twin Kiss” Ice Cream was celebrated on July 5, 1952. It was located two miles south of Gettysburg on the Emmitsburg Road-Route 15. Twin Kiss ice cream was a soft ice cream available in plates, cones or in bulk. The delicious Reed and Bell Root Beer was served in frosted mugs. As the season for ice cream continued, Twin Kiss announced a 16 ounce tumbler in a pink and black diamond design, with a Twin Kiss and a root beer float for 30 cents. This limited time offer of the tumbler with every purchase of a Twin Kiss root beer float meant a complete set in no time.

A state distributor for Twin Kiss franchises advertised that the Twin Kiss soft ice cream and Twin Kiss root beer were tremendously successful among profitable roadside drive-ins. As advertisements promised, “Two million Americans are familiar with the refreshments. At present Twin Kiss is operating in 18 states and is expanding its operations. The person we are looking for must be prepared to open the first Twin Kiss in the area and be able to handle the entire Twin Kiss operation. That person will receive approximately $1,500 a year for 15 years for every unit he sells, plus a commission on the original sale of each drive-in. The drive-in nets between $7,500 and $12,500 annually for an eight-month operation. The franchise will support you with advertising and prospects. This an excellent opportunity and with the era in motor travel ahead of us, the development in suburban areas are inviting for drive-ins.”

Twin Kiss Drive In was an active participant in the mixed bowling leagues and often played at the Upper Adams lanes. Other merchants taking part in the leagues are the Adams General Store, Gettysburg Motors, Adams County Motors, Swopes Atlantic, Wayside Flower Shop and the Gettysburg Laundercenter.

The state police reported solving a burglary at T. D. Hay’s Twin Kiss frozen custard stand. The burglars secured a table model radio which was valued at $5. The state police were summoned again as it was reported that two men broke open the cigarette vending machine at Twin Kiss. The stand was not in operation at the time, but two men were seen at the parking lot and later it was discovered that the cigarette machine standing outside the structure had been broken into.

In 1963, Twin Kiss Drive joined our neighbors in welcoming the 100th Anniversary of the Historic Battle of Gettysburg: “Phone orders are welcome at Twin-Kiss Drive-In for your convenience. Try our Henny Penny fried chicken dinner; order 4, 8, 12 or 16 pieces as the prices are reasonable and they will be ready in 10 minutes.”

Excellent business and location in Gettysburg was advertised by T.D. Hay Twin Kiss Drive-In on the Emmitsburg Road, as Twin Kiss was closing. The property was sold to the National Park Service in 1974 and announced the land will be restored to its 1863 appearance.

Elsie Morey is currently Chairperson of the CTHS Board of Directors.